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Down With You

London, United Kingdom

Lillvi’s new track titled ‘Down With You’ is the ultimate funky track to get up and dance to! With incorporations of infectious beats and pop synth, the song is perfect for any party or club environment and won't fail to create the most uplifting atmosphere.

The ideal track for any retro–pop lovers out there, the various layers in the synth add dimension to the song and help deliver a quirky and dramatic soundscape. The addition of underlying beats really fulfilled its retro elements, mirroring the 90s pop style effectively.

Some aspects of the music and the lyrics have similar style styles to current artists on the pop scene such as Anne Marie, which is due to Lillvi’s ability to maintain classic pop and lively soundscapes, yet she still crafts her own artistic individuality through her vocal abilities. Quite high and sweet registers, yet also mixing deeper tones with is essential to the retro aspects of ‘Down With You’. Lillvi’s ability to incorporate different styles with such ease is what sets her apart in the pop scene.

Check out ‘Down With You’ to explore Lillvi’s unique stance in the retro–pop scene!


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