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'S Lebn

Finning, Germany

Lilly & Georg Witsch, passionate musicians from Lake Ammer excitedly welcome you to join them on a journey through genres, time and language barriers to enjoy their album ´S Lebn.

This 10-track release is one that you'll have great pleasure in listening to! Mixing the basslines of soul with Big Band and Acid Jazz is something that this duo have perfected through this release, making them a definite favourite of mine.

Lilly & Georg Witsch do not hold anything back in their opening piece 'Sag ma wias da geht' instead, the duo shine bright and loud with the high energy of brass, fuky basslines and soulful vocal layers. Ooft what an opening piece this is!

Slowing things down a little without compromising on quality and soulfulness, 'Wia a Fisch im Wasser' keeps listeners within the force of a big band influence but heightens the senses with its slower and soulful overall feel and a sprinkle of experimental electronic techno thrown in for authenticity!

'Sommer' implements a mix of the sounds of nature with a dark 808 and trip hop drum loops along with sultry-sounding strings and sprinkles of keys to keep the listener upbeat. This is such a uniquely crafted composition that mixes a multitude of influences from juxtaposed moods and genres within its expression. This is definitely a song that you need to hear! The soulful R&B vocals add something to sway to as the brass solos take centre stage.

Now for more sprinkles and magic, 'Spieglein, Spieglein' brings an accordions' twist to the album to offer listeners even more layers to this two-piece before swooping into the midtrack 'Nightlife'. The sounds of the hustle and bustle of a busy night strip set the scene for a party that you will never forget. Who's ready for some serious funk? Well, 'Nightlife' promises to be a guitar lover's dream!

'Sehnsuchtsvoll' whisks its audience back to the 80s with its bell synths and bass shortly prior to taking us into a whole guitar solo of a dream! 'Auf und Ab' is the song that you didn't know you needed due to its slick guitar slides and big band addition! The vocals are super smooth in this song which is guaranteed to get you feeling like 'Carlos Santana'.

'Sommerwind' lures listeners in with its slow burning mix of Latin Jazz and heart moving strings. This song reminds me of the streets of Havanna, open bar, cocktail in hand. Let's grab one and enjoy the moment in a Hemmingway bar (or our bedrooms) shall we? This is a song that will suite your relaxation playlists - preferably somewhere near the top! Sit back and enjoy as Lilly & Georg guide the way.

As we reach the end of the album we hear a completely different tone to the mood of the album. 'Regentropfen' keeps to the sensual nature of the project but adds a slightly darker and more reflective tone for us to contemplate on. If I could sum this song up in one word it would be - Nostalgia. Now, we head into the final part of the story, a song named 'I schliass di Augn'. A highly experimental acid jazz conclusion to a high enerfy, perfectly executed project. Let the bassline guide the way and be prepared to hit replay!

Lilly & Georg Witsch have created something astonishinig and groundbreaking in 'S Lebn', I guarantee that anybody who listens to it will find themselves drifting away into their artistry. - TAMARA JENNA


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