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Pedestal People

Brighton, United Kingdom

We all love an infectious good time track and the latest release from Brighton artist Little Tealeif. ‘Pedestal People’ is a track that will infiltrate your mind and leave you thinking about it all day long.

Combining electro, rap and even rock together Little Tealeif has created an experience that quickly gains your attention and leaves you in an almost trance-like state, hanging on every note and lyric. - JASMINE

The backing track is filled with twists and turns, meaning there is never a time to be comfortable, there will always be something new whether that’s the drops without build-ups into full 90s feel electro, followed by drums that could be seen in a pop punk track or the grove guitars which are cut and replaced by heavy beats and gorgeous synths paired with effective high-hats. No thirty seconds of this track are the same.

Then comes the need to discuss the ambiguous vocals. Their passionate, sensual and eerie feel leaves them intriguing to the listener. At the same time, the delivery and flow vary from an almost Marilyn Manson-esk sound through to a dark rap which could be compared to the likes of Linkin Park.

Both the backing track and the vocals come together perfectly through the production, bringing the most perfectly formed restless chaos that could ever have been created. There is no part of this track that is boring or repeated and this level of talent doesn’t feel like it would be repeatable either!

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