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Brooklyn, United States

Lord Sonny The Unifier shows us how he earned his Lordship in his latest single, ‘Howl’. Sonny The Unifier became a Lord through sheer rock and roll: the pulsing and heavy drums that fill the room; the bass that’s steady and distils attitude into fine wine, only to smash it to pieces over the stage in a fit of funk; guitar that melts your face while the vocals bark and nash at the bite. It's classic and it's done right, with punk vocals turned up to 11 if not 12 and instrumentals to match. The melody is catchy and head-bang-worthy. What more could you want?

The song begins as all strong rock songs love to, with a drum roll and then some bass. They lay down the beat, lay it down thick. When the guitar joins the fray it goes to flip the table but flips the room, toppling the melody as the vocals rock into view. It's a masterful shift-ball-change and you don’t even notice until it's too late that the chorus is upon you and it’s time to ‘Howl’. Lord Sonny The Unifier is upbeat, heavy hitting and skilled at weaving complex motifs on guitar. It’s a miracle I hadn’t discovered him sooner, because now I’m a Lord Sonny The Unifier addict, howling at the moon as rock blares and Harleys roar.

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