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Ghost Town

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - iastitraia

Love Ghost continually impresses me with their fusion of Hip-Hop, Rap and melodic metal genius. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the movements of Love Ghost since discovering ‘Pulp’ back in September. Making several appearances on our home pages with videos, this release is no different!

‘Ghost Town’ features Santa RM. Merging Western Cowboy and Futuristic Cyber Punk, within lyricism that addresses issues of mental health, loneliness and a battle of inner demons. The song was produced by Mike Summers (Kendrick Lamar, Little Wayne, Tech N9ne).

Emo rap meets emotional guitar, offkey whammy bar riffs and demonic whispers in the background to set the scene for a super heavy production. As the main vocals begin to lift, all guns are blazing as a mix of heavy metal guitar fuses with trap percussion and a Latin vocal from Santa RM.

I’ve said it before but I feel the need to say it again, this song is one that I fuck with to the max! If you could put my music type in a box, it would be called ‘Ghost Town’. There is so much talent within this piece and I want more!

There's nothing that could be amended to make this track any better! Gold dust in musical form.

You should definitely check out the full EP from Love Ghost – don’t be sleeping on them or else I might have to scare you! BOO


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