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Austin, United States

Credit - Anna Azarov

Make way for the latest release from Austin-based LUEGO! Marking the title track of his latest studio album, THE VORTEX, LUEGO presents not only the main release but also throws in a music video for us all to enjoy too! I enjoy a good visual as I'm sure you all do too! Six albums and a twenty-year songwriting career later, LUEGO has presented himself as a persistent face in the game. His music ranges from acoustic, blue-eyed soul to pop providing both an autotuned and raw performance in 'THE VORTEX'.

Now, for the exciting part!

The song itself is one that resembles nothing I have ever heard before! The autotuned vocals are highly transposed to offer that extremely processed sound but the voice behind the transpose holds a Country influence to it. - TAMARA JENNA

The way that acoustic and heavily processed effects have been crafted is like nothing you will have ever heard before! I really enjoyed hearing something that was unique to the core!

The video also throws us a lot to think about in its mix of simplistic 1 man and an acoustic meets a team of dancers. This is a video that you must get around to watching, so you may as well do it now whilst you're here! Thank me later.

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