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LUKE FREES - If There Ain't A Heaven -


If There Ain't A Heaven

Chicago, IL, United States

Credit - Sadie Carpenter

'If There Ain’t A Heaven’ is the latest single from indie up-and-comer, Luke Frees. It's a heartwarming and soul-binding song that calls out for your love and understanding and gives back in spades everything that you give it. The piano sings alongside Luke Frees’ homely vocals and honest lyrics. They make a perfect pair and bring the song around melodic corners and down harmonic straights. It's pop, it's indie, it’s soul but what it is mostly, is damn fine music. Its emotion poured into song, it's a message and an outcry. Luke Frees is nowhere near done releasing music, and if ‘If There Ain’t A Heaven’ is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss a single beat of it.

The song starts with that piano. Its climbing melody and its frills are tickling. When the vocals join in they are clear, crisp and simple, they sing with purpose and don’t add anything they don’t need, no fancy synths no fancy effects. The backing grows and warm strings join the piano on its conquest to pluck your heartstrings. The vocals disperse the emotion and the piano and strings hone it into a weaponised track of sorrow. It's distilled heartbreak and I love it. Good indie sound will find a home everywhere. I for one feel that Luke Frees will find a home very soon, keep playing, we’re loving it.


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