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LUMP200 - Kryptomarch - LATEST RELEASE



Berlin, Germany

Credit - artwork by petra peterffy

‘Kryptomarch’ from LUMP200. A track that takes an idea and pushes it to the absolute. Pulsing bass, ramping synth pads, chipper melodies that twist and turn, and most importantly, dance. The vibe here is movement. Every aspect of the song moves you, your eyes, your ears, your waist, your wallet. It's a song for future clubs, neon plastics and hyperdrive speakers blaring Jonny Silverhand and Future-Ska. LUMP200 has produced a song that feels before its time, but one that is not so far away that it cannot be enjoyed by listeners in the now. Fresh, tonal and complex, ‘Kryptomarch’ delivers on every techno level and keeps on pushing.

The song runs in cycles. Expressive percussion and bass drums come and go. They open up a track in a conversational breakdown before the spacey synth kicks in against the chimes and clacks in the background. The main driving melody is wooden, it is organic and when it breaks away even for a second, the future gets in. Clean and chrome, glowing in a pink and green neon glare. It's jovial, it's moving, or is it sinister, foreboding? When the main melody comes back it's as if nothing ever happened. All just a dream, a sweat-soaked, one more for the road, hazy dream. Disco from the year 2077? ‘Kryptomarch’ will get you there.


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