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mad/no/mad breathes new life into classic blues hit 'It's All Over Now' with stunning cover

The blues is captivating, it’s tonal and it will never fail to crack out a great tune. A blues classic, ‘It’s All Over Now’ has been covered in a truly fascinating way by artist mad/no/mad. Written by Bobby and Shirley Womack, performed famously by The Rolling Stones, the song has a pedigree, a sound you are familiar with, but don't let that fool you into thinking this song is finished — oh no way, no how.

mad/no/mad has pushed all that you know of the song out the window. It’s bright, it’s deep. The guitar rattles and the vocals glide, taking a stroll over top. The melody catches you, the sound fills the room. The scale is huge and the textures are fantastic.

‘It’s All Over Now’ by mad/no/mad is a version you simply must listen to. The song has been completely reworked and breathes anew. It’s vibrant, hearty and full of soul. A perfect cover, through and through.



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