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"do you like what you see?" by Maddie Hanna - A Masterful Blend of Indie and Post-Pop

Cover art for Maddie Hanna's single 'do you like what you see?,' featuring a captivating design that encapsulates the song's dark and ethereal indie pop essence. The artwork combines shadowy hues with subtle light elements, visually representing the deep sub-bass and harmonious vocals of the track.
Cover art for Maddie Hanna's single 'do you like what you see?'
Maddie Hanna Crafts a Dark, Ethereal Soundscape in Her Latest Indie Pop Single

Maddie Hanna’s latest single, ‘do you like what you see?,’ is an indie pop standout track. It falls to the deep dark of sub-bass slow pop. The vocals join them, working on harmonies that float in the ethereal, calling out to melodies just out of reach, drawing everything together. Once tied up with percussion, the song begins to oscillate. First left, the verse the bridge, the flow of the song keeps things chill and low. Then right, the chorus; the song peaks, the percussion adds some flare and the vocal, in all its profound confidence, leans into the beat and lets us feel it, right there in our chests. The swing begins again.

Promotional photo of Maddie Hanna, the artist behind 'do you like what you see?'
Promotional photo of Maddie Hanna, the artist behind 'do you like what you see?'

‘do you like what you see?’ is post-modern and takes influence from the many post-pop greats that are currently filling the airwaves. Think Posty. The single sets a mood — a beat, a pace — and keeps to it for the whole song. That’s the bedrock, the centreline from which we deviate to create art. The question of the instrumental is always: how far can we push it without breaking the vision? Maddie Hanna pushes it all the way. We end up right on the line. Harmonies in the vocals are bright and many, straddling the main Vox track and keeping us dead centre. The bass hums and digs deeper as the song goes on and the beat keeps things flowing in a truly organic way, sending up flicks of brilliant simplicity every once in a while to keep the track fresh.

Though the indie space and sound is trending towards this dark tone post-pop sound, there are very few artists who feel fit to take it on. It’s a difficult genre to play in, with strict rules of form and feel keeping the boundaries to other genres within arms reach. Maddie Hanna showcases her mastery and innate feelings for the form in ‘do you like what you see?.’ The single is bold, honest, and catchy as you like it. When you hit that chorus, all you want to do is flow with it. Mesmerising.

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