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MADDOX JONES - We're All Here Together (Go England) - LATEST RELEASE


We're All Here Together (Go England)

London, United Kingdom

If you’re a football lover and heavily involved in the World Cup, make sure you check out Maddox Jone’s ‘We’re All Here Together’! The song won’t fail to lift your spirits and unite people in feeling patriotic for their country.

Maddox’s musical choices are quite clever in that the tune is similar to many popular football chants. The musical elements are highly infectious with its upbeat melody line repeating ‘we are England’, it gives the illusion of familiarity for the listener and encourages them to get into the football spirit. It is this familiarity which invites feelings of nostalgia, encouraging people to think back to football games in their youth and attach happy memories to the song.

The track fits into the indie/ rock genre quite well, with catchy electric guitar riffs and occasional slips into drum fire, encouraging you to get up and sing along to its inviting message.

I can see ‘We’re All Here Together’ being played in pubs across the country and I am confident it will not fail to unite people in their hopes for England to win the World Cup. - AIMEE STOKES


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