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MAIJAH - Love Goddess

Bursting onto the music scene in 2021, this artist has crafted a unique genre - "main character music". This sonic concept transforms listeners into the stars of their own cinematic experiences, with every song designed to empower, inspire, and entertain.

Described by the artist herself as a “Self Love Spell”, she wasn’t lying. An intimate soulful pop acoustic production enhances the feminine energy within and extracts it to the fullest through luscious vocal layers and harmonies. The sounds of waves offer a natural additive to an already raw and honest piece. The lyrics are stunning, and the simplicity of its acoustics brings out every decibel of emotion.

There’s no doubt that Maijah deserves her place in our Ones2Watch. I’ll certainly be following the musical journey of this artist and if you’re into feminine, R&B/Soul/Pop then look no further! Absolutely stunning, be prepared to wash along the shores of a soul.



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