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Haunting Me

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Clara Jeanne Reed
‘Haunting Me’ evokes powerful emotions concerning self-refection and heartbreak. Maria Lane truly grips listeners with her stripped-back and realistic reminder of how we’re all haunted by our demons - AIMEE STOKES

The musical elements behind ‘Haunting Me’ creates quite a spell-binding experience. There seems to be an occurring theme of ominous soundscapes hooking onto to the main melo

dy line. Additionally, the undertone of hymns in the backing vocals served to create a ritualistic illusion, drawing the listener into the vocals as the subtle soundscape ensured they are at the heartbeat of the song. Maria’s vocals are also fitting with the title, a distinctive rich melody with melancholic undertones does well to produce a haunting atmosphere. There is clear attention to detail in the album’s imagery, which I felt was a nice addition to ensure the wholesome feel to the song was neatly portrayed. A focus on an illuminated angel, with two ghosts lurking behind her, acted as a powerful visual concerning the song’s message of being at the mercy of our past. Embodying how our past relationships seem to have an underlying effect when attempting to build new, healthier connections.


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