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#MARSVALENCIA officially steals the show over at TJPL NEWS in new EP #FORGIVEME




London, United Kingdom


Credit - @dexwithspecs and @oba.jamess





Fresh off the press, London-Based Rap/R&B artist #MarsValencia has released his latest project today. #ForgiveMe consists of 6 tracks ranging from Emo rap to R&B - Just my favourite. The EP opens with a piece entitled #Intermission. This track is stunning from open to close. The emotive yet seductive instrumentation offers something dark and enticing and the vocals are crisp to perfection! The lyrics are on point in a reflective piece. Opening with an R&B beginning, the rawness of the vocals offer something intimate before transitioning to rap vocals that are just as emotive but showing the fight of the artist. There are several samples in this piece that provide another layer in a clear news cast narrative. #Nomads continues the R&B feel, packed with gorgeous vocal layers and vocal effects that compliment the feel of the beat. This piece is mixed and mastered to perfection. The lyrics are on point again here! Talks of coming up from nothing, in the shadow of death, rags to ritches, demons, purpose and beyond are all packed into this flawless production. #Assumptions is such a raw track that entices the listener to truly feel and hear #MarsValencia for his words, his pain and his lessons. #Heartless can be summed up in one simple line - "I chose the women that chose the account." In this piece, we hear #MarsValencia confess to being heartless, full of regret whilst he ponders the path that had taken him there. #LostCause has a nightmare meets fairytale, angels and demons feel about it - The lyrics express demons in the most raw of ways. This piece hits as something similar to The Weeknd and Juice Wrld in both production and vocal - The lyrics are completely honest, in a reflection that makes you assess your own demons. Concluding this project is a track entitled #PrayingForMyEx - the most confessional and possibly the most vastly relatable piece of them all. Placing this song at the end of the project allows for the listener to have a solid ending to the story that #MarsValencia has lived. I think that this placement works wonders strategically to make sure that the listener does not forget this artist (not that you could anyway). WOW. I absolutely love this piece so I've added it to the Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Spotify Playlists. Talks of pain, looking in mirrors, not wanting to get through the pain and being alone with your demons are the key factors to take from this piece. This piece is perfection. The way that the track is almost split into two by a voicemail excerpt takes the project to whole new heights.

This is hands down my favourite EP of the year so far, I would go as far to say that this is my favourite artist that I have found since starting TJPL NEWS too! #ForgiveMe is a confession, a toxic love letter and an exocism of past mistakes. - 10/10 isn't even a thing anymore - infinite/infinite.



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