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Dallas' Rising Star: Matt McKnzi's "Atlas" - A Haunting Journey in Song

The Enigmatic Blend of Dark Pop and Alternative R&B, a Storyteller with Depth and Authenticity. Why Matt McKnzi is a Must-Listen

Matt McKnzi, a rising star in the music scene, with a thoughtful expression, symbolizing his deep, introspective music style.
Matt McKnzi, a rising star in the music scene

Dallas, TX has always been home to some serious rising stars, and independent singer/songwriter and producer, Matt McKnzi adds to the lineup.

His artistry is authentic to who he is as a person, writing up to the stars in an exploration of curiosity and depth. His lyrics, act as an intimate showcase of his deepest struggles and attachments which are often inspired by his fascination with the universe and the extraterrestrial realm.

"Atlas" marks the second single from McKnzi’s upcoming debut EP, "Ghost." - a narrative that contemplates the weight of others' expectations, where the main character grapples with the relentless desire to break free from societal judgments.

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Cover Art: Matt McKnzi's latest single 'Atlas'
Cover Art: Matt McKnzi's latest single 'Atlas'

In "Atlas" bubbles of synth organ keys make for a haunting backdrop, along with 808s for bass and a regular early 00s R&B percussion that is reminiscent of Neo's 'Sexy Love'. The vocals are as haunting as they are relaxing. A tone that is not classic R&B but blurs the lines between the genre of Dark Pop. Alternative R&B. Mcknzi is a natural storyteller but amongst everything, he's the full package. There's a depth to his songwriting Philosophy, one which makes reference to Greek Mythology and nostalgia.

If like me, you are a thinker with a curiosity for the unknown, then "Atlas" is a song that you will certainly find yourself lost in. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that Mcknzi is one of my new favorite artists. Why? because he is unapologetically his own, his sound doesn't feel influenced by anything other than his thoughts and feelings. Top that with the mastery of binding all elements together flawlessly and you've found something worth paying attention to.

Genres: Dark Pop, Alternative R&B

Mood: Haunting, Thought-provoking, Introspective

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