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MDK FLA's latest album 'Elixir' magics itself through multiple dimensions to land in our Ones2Watch!



Fort Myers, United States

MDK FLA AKA Matthew Cobis impressed me with his latest album ‘Elixir’. Taking influence from an array of super talents from ‘Nirvana’ to ‘Daft Punk’, MDK FLA has proven himself to be a true alchemist of sound. The ten tracks that form ‘Elixir’ can be described as nothing other than a sorcery of sound that holds no genre boundaries.

Welcoming listeners into a temporality that defines a neurotic transition between frequencies and sound waves, ‘Elixir’ is an album that is meant for the most curious and explorative of minds. The message of the album is what MDK FLA defines as “Hope and resilience in the face of devastation.”

1) ‘You Better Run’ opens the project with a full EDM production. It doesn’t contain your typical EDM melodics but instead offers an all-out madness of skill and energy that will blow the cover off of your speakers or your earbuds through your head! Mixing futuristic high-pitched vocal chops into the basis of the melody is something that takes pure genius and skill! This is certainly an alchemy that only a few can master. The song makes several switches throughout the production, from the high-pitched vocal chops to a deep and robotic standalone vocal along with the late 80s/Early 90s synths that combine the best of old school with the sound of the future. I have no words – this track is immensely captivating! Damn.

2) ‘Triple Threat’ is a song that keeps on giving. Keeping to the late 80s/Early 90s influence, listeners are carried along the wave of synth bass along with a hypnotic electric guitar loop and EDM female vocals. Making room for a highly skilful rock meets funk guitar interval, this song makes it clear that the artistry of MDK FLA is one of greatness. The mix of electronic futurism and classic rock makes this a whole world to explore!

3) ‘Revelation’ combines the futurism of electronic music with the energy of Hip Hop. 90s-inspired VST synths, a melodic rap vocal, DJ scratches and electrifying guitar riffs bring this song to a whole new level. The song is one that needs to make it into everybody’s workout playlists, onto their energy-lifting motivational spheres ready to infiltrate your mind.

4) ‘Beacon’ is the path to pure pop. Showing off the nature of deep echoed guitar arrangements, intriguing basslines and stunning vocals, this is a track that you would be silly to sleep on. Distant shoegaze guitar brings a relaxing reverb to the track whilst equally filling percussion contributes to its feel. Trap soul samples make all the difference to the depth of the piece. There’s a clear transition between the progressive opening and the introduction of vocals. Bell synths and shaker percussion act as cushions for EDM vocals. Again, listeners find themselves teleported into another soundscape – one that’s full of revered vocals and guitar riffs. This is a whole universe within a land of sound.

5) ‘The Witches of Arafel‘ brings an energy that is full of sway-worthy acoustic guitar strums and guitar plucks. HOLD UP – The switch is something completely different for sure. A cutthroat transition from acoustic folk to futuristic electronic hip-hop within the Middle Eastern Desert – Want to know something completely freaky? I had a vision of this song before I even heard it and let’s be fair about things, this concept isn’t something most minds think up. Wow. ‘The Witches of Arafel’ have certainly been cooking something up – don’t miss it!

6) ‘True Accord’ takes the album into the second half with the sensibilities of pop rock to hip/hop. Distorted yet soothing, the guitar compositions bring something to listen out for here. A dominating drum kit bangs its way throughout the track as a distorted white noise provides something industrial for the vocals to rest upon. The vocals are hypnotic, reverbed yet clear as they sway through. Of course, as with all of the previous songs on this project, the song splits down the middle! Transitioning into a reverbed autotuned hip-hop vocal from the sung to rap flows on flows, this song has to be amongst one of my favourites on this album. Don’t sleep on this one!

7) ’Short Shrift’ takes listeners into the desert once again, but this time moving away from Middle Eastern sands and towards Mexican meets American Blues. Straw hats, a tequila or two and you’re right there! Sit back and enjoy the guitar solos.

8) ’Sell Out’ is an awesome creation! From the Classical yet glitchy to EDM and through the land of hip/hop this cinematic piece will have you dreaming and transporting through a whole world. Funky guitar highlights this artist’s Daft Punk influence whilst the vocals offer a vast array of inspirational and motivational lyrics. THIS. IS. INCREDIBLE. I will never know this level of genius but I sure as hell am inspired!

9) ‘Resonate’ is a beautifully warm instrumental that will hold your soul close. Nurturing sounds offer a meditative reflection whilst a movement into techno will interest listeners into a curious state of being. Bubbles of bass synths, cinematic strings, and switches in velocity all make for a song that speaks volumes without a single syllable. There’s a similarity to liquid electronic music here but there’s also something quite tribal within its nature. Another brilliant example of alchemy.

10) ‘Traversing the Ether’ whisks listeners into traditional Arabian culture. This one had me smiling from ear to ear. Sitars, organs and chanting are the keys to the Arabian Realm. This is a highly spiritual ending to an album that explored every dimension of my mind perfectly.

As mentioned at the start of this review, this album is one for the curious, the philosophers and the so-called abnormal. MDK FLA’s ‘Elixir’ in one word? HOME.


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