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MDK FLA - The Unintended Consequences Of TimeTravel - ALBUM REVIEW


The Unintended Consequences Of TimeTravel

Fort Myers, United States

Matthew Cobis, better known as MDK FLA is an artist hailing from Fort Myers, United States. If MDK FLA sounds familiar to you, firstly that’s exactly how things should be and secondly, we have featured his music on several occasions throughout 2022. His album Blackstar blew me away back in July and in December ‘Elixir’ stole the show. Now, I’m here to go through an older project from MDK FLA, one that was released in November 2021 for our third instalment of his story.

The title of this ten-track album release is ‘The Unintended Consequences of TimeTravel’ and in a conceptual whisk of shining stars and potions rests an artistic flare of genius. From Dance to Hip-Hop to Rock, this album holds the artistic multiverse that MDK FLA continues to be known for.

So, in the true nature of Time Travel, let’s go back in time to a project that was present before the two that I have already talked you through.

‘Enough’ is the opening statement – One that is a fusion of rock inspiration from metal guitar riffs to heavy rock strums and hard rock drumming patterns. Dark and heavy vibes similar to the likes of rock legends Rage Against The Machine, Korn and Slipknot stand out as having a similar sound.

‘Ancestor Worship’ is a standout track from the start. Funky basslines form from the lead guitar tricking listeners into thinking that the key to the portal is folk rock – UNTIL… The vocal content. Heavy autotuned, robotic vocals whisk us into space into a hypnotic piece. Influences of Middle Eastern Sitar-sounding strings and vocals feel like something of a beautiful dream.

‘Not Done With You’ continues with a feel of funk – this time with some hip-hop percussion to carry it through as it progresses. Female vocals offer something pop based to the project – This is a track that defies gravity! Definitely a standout piece for pop lovers.

‘Devastation’ brings EDM into the equation. A slow and melodic lead synths and a subtle kick carry the heavily delayed vocals through. Samples from the same vocalist have been used in this track as in the track before it offering consistency and differentiation in production.

‘Savage’ takes us back into hip-hop but this time through scattered trap percussion loops and dark synths. Female rap vocals are always something I get excited about hearing within productions – this has plenty for thought!

‘John Titor’ is an interesting production about the internet mystery surrounding John Titor the time traveller. In a mix of experimental synths and country/folktronica and classic rock, this track is a spectacular concept piece that embeds the world in one smooth sweep.

‘StarForm – Instrumental Version’ has all the markings of a club banger – techno meets drum and bass in a way that is truly out of this world. Mixing the velocity on the piece adds to its hypnotic drive.

Guitar riffs, riffs and more riffs. ‘Unabated’ is an old-school post-punk track with a mix of London accents and American Hip-Hop. SAY WHAT?! This is seriously cool. Think Linkin Park, The Smiths and beyond. Brilliant!

‘Vamp’ gives listeners something to calm the storm just in time for the end of the project. This penultimate piece brings acoustic dream pop guitar plucks to the forefront of its sound and as it develops we begin to hear delays offer more depth as a basis for the vocals. The song is a beautiful mix of acoustic dream pop with electronic musical elements.

‘Not Done With You – Extended Version’ concludes the project with something that we never knew we needed! An extension of around 30 seconds is added onto this super cool track for us to enjoy. Acting as a standout track, it’s certain that you won’t forget it in a hurry.


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