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mia van de loo's "fairytale": A Captivating Journey in Modern Music

Cover art for mia van de loo's single 'fairytale'
Cover art for mia van de loo's single 'fairytale'

Emerging Artist mia van de loo Delivers a Soulful and Angelic Performance in "fairytale"

Some singles feel ready to blow when you listen to them early, when you catch them in their fledgling flight into the world and you see their wings flapping, driving them against the tremendous wind of the music mainstream. mia van de loo’s single, ‘fairytale,’ is one of these tracks that feels, ready. It is quaint at first, soft strummed strings sit in the back, chimes of fantastical nature fall around us like autumn leaves. The vocal, flutters in. It’s high, but controlled, like the passing of a great cloud. It catches your emotions in their resting places and summons them up. Harmonies are divided between verse and chorus, making each section unique, and the flow of the track is ordained by that very vocal. It’s the powerhouse of the single and it’s what you will keep coming back for.

Promotional photo of mia van de loo, the artist behind 'fairytale'
Promotional photo of mia van de loo, the artist behind 'fairytale'

This high and breathy style is in right now. With artists like Roderigo making use of the difficult-to-achieve sound to push more texture into their songs. Other artists try it, but it can come off weird if it’s not done perfectly, and ends up feeling like some stranger whispering in your ear. For mia van de loo, however, this sound comes naturally. This is not a fad, not a simple craze that they are latching on to. From the moment you hear the first words fall out of ‘fairytale,’ you know that this is how mia van de loo’s soul wishes to sing. It’s honest, human, angelic and captivating.

For a single to sound the way this one does and not have a wondrous following is criminal. ‘fairytale’ has everything you or I or the average modern listener wants in a track. It’s catchy, it flows from verse to chorus with great swings, it’s full of brilliant harmony, and is spearheaded by a vocal unique, a sound definitive. mia van de loo is a name that will strike down greats and raise legions of fans. It’s only a matter of time.

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