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Updated: Feb 2, 2023



Los Angeles, United States

Photo Credit - Michael Faulkner

Mike and Mandy are moulding a sound that is wholly their own. It's a vibrant and eclectic sound that brings together genres like rock, acid-jazz, retro funk and modern rock. They meet at a crossroads and take whichever pathway catches their eye. The result is a sound that spans decades, minutes or just seconds. It's alive in its totality and it’s funky, through and through. Their single, ‘Timeworn,’ takes on all of these attributes and cooks up a massive sounding track that pushes the vocals hard with disco beats and insane experimental guitars in the back. It's euphoric and mesmerising. You are lost in the sound, taken away to another land where the goal is to simply be free, to feel. To love.

Mike and Mandy’s sound is unlike anything that you would have encountered before. And I say that’s the best thing you can find in music. Listen out of your comfort zone, experience the new and the otherworldly. ‘Timeworn’ is a destination, one that you simply must find your own way to.



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