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Don't Wait

San Jose, California, United States

Credit - Carly Montan

Mild Monk’s sound is fantastically vibrant. Full of chiptune tones, colours of funk and textures that crunch all the way back to 8-bit, it's a sound to behold. ‘Don’t Wait’ is a track that exudes mammoth amounts of emotion and good vibes by delivering a hook and a beat that is as good as it gets. It's funky and it hits you like a flush of euphoria. I couldn’t help but smile as the song shifted and changed before me, becoming more and more complex, layered, and catchy. The vocals are smooth, hitting that shoe-gaze vibe but not letting go of the emotion that resides in the instrumental.

Mild Monk hits different. Their latest EP is out now and I implore you all to give it a listen. With sounds like ‘Don’t Wait’ you can’t afford not to get in on this funky retro action. It's new, yet also a blast from the past. Funk has never felt fresher.


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