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Miles East Sails Through Storm in "Better Than Here" - A First Listen to His New Odyssey

Promotional shot of Miles East
Miles East
When Melodic Pop-Rock Meets Emotional Resonance - Miles East Unveils "Better Than Here," the Lead Single from His Upcoming Album "Between Lightning and Thunder.

Are you ready? Because there's something electric brewing, specifically heading towards the artistry of Miles East. Who’s that? One who isn’t familiar may wonder. Miles East is a New York City-based artist who is known for his eclectic blend of melodic pop-rock and singer-songwriter sensibilities.

All set to release his second studio album, "Between Lightning and Thunder," in early 2024, Miles East teases his audience ahead of his album release with his lead single "Better Than Here". The song dropped on October 17th, 2023 via ECR Music Group (Sony). This is a massive move for East with the track serving as a curtain-raiser for what’s to come.

"Better Than Here" according to Miles East, is a release that is "an ode to the boldness of buoyancy and hope, and to the promises we make to those we love when weathering dark forces." At its core, it breathes the classic sound of The Beach Boys and The Beatles along with an infusion of modern, alt-rock.

 Cover Art: Cover art of Miles East's "Better Than Here
Cover Art: Cover art of Miles East's "Better Than Here

Heading back into the studio was an experience in itself for Miles East in collaboration with acclaimed artist-producer, Blake Morgan. The pair worked together previously on East’s debut album ‘Ghosts of Hope’. However, this time the dynamic duo decided to bring someone new into the mix in the shape of Justin Goldner, a musical polymath and producer renowned for his electric guitar and baritone contributions. East elaborates on the trio by saying that "The resulting aural stew, its scope, and depth, is an exquisitely rich one rendered by only us—three musicians."

Miles East and his collaborators have produced a piece that serves as both a lifeboat and a lighthouse, which guides listeners through the dark waters of emotional turbulence. As we anticipate the full release of "Between Lightning and Thunder," this lead single stands strong against the tide, showing his fans his ability to navigate the seas of the human condition. Hold tight guys; it's going to be a transformative voyage. Get familiar! Smashing.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Melodic Pop-Rock, Full Band Sound

Mood: Nostalgic, Power Pop, Soft Rock, Alt Rock, Pop, Retro, Guitar Rock, Relaxing, Easy Listening

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