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Leeds, United Kingdom

Credit - @tillylouisephoto

Leeds has always been a spot for amazing live music, and what better way to kick off this evening than with a little bit of authentic Leeds-based music?! Those of you stuck in tonight who are wishing you were out at a gig are in luck because 'Mince' have just the energy for you! The latest single from the group entitled 'Ditch' gained a lot of recognition from radio hosts from Chris Moyles to Shell Zenner, oh and just to finalise their traction they have been handed over to a few BBC Radio 1 Shows too! I'm sold, are you?

Now, let's get to the even better part, their latest release. 'Misprint' is a track that has a lot of classic British Rock embedded within it! The post-punk-based Northerners' have created an industrial sound along with siren-sounding guitar playing, heavy drum rolls and a whole lot of distortion! The bass riff makes the whole song something that doesn't just smack of UK indie rock but also differentiated the group from the crowd.

I LOVE THE ENERGY OF THIS PIECE! If lead and bass guitar playing raises your dopamine levels up then this track will blow those levels through the roof of your head! - TAMARA JENNA

'Misprint' is a song that highlights a breakdown in communication that results in catastrophic events for somebody is utterly oblivious that their fate is in someone else's hands.

Go listen to this song it's a hit!


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