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Former Indie-Rock Star's Comeback Single Will Change How You Think About Parenthood!

Cover image for Minus32Heartbeat's single "Dreams"
Cover image for Minus32Heartbeat's single "Dreams"

Matt Friedlander of Minus32Heartbeat transforms a classic into a heartfelt tribute to his unborn child in 'Dreams' – hear the song that's touching hearts worldwide.

Minus32Heartbeat, the solo project of Matt Friedlander, formerly of NYC indie-rock band The GoStation, marks a poignant return to music with the single "Dreams." Recorded in his Manhattan apartment studio, "Dreams" is not just a cover; it's a deeply personal capsule created by Friedlander for his son, who will be born in January 2024. Wait. That's this month! Congrats!

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of influences from The Velvet Underground, Oasis, through to Hans Zimmer, and M83, Friedlander has crafted a sound that is classic but also refreshingly modern. His approach to "Dreams" stays true to his minimalist ethos while offering a glimpse of what to expect from his upcoming album, DHRICMV, set for a 2024 release under his label, Big Leather Jacket Music.

This cover is a significant deviation from the music of The GoStation, encapsulating Friedlander's evolution as an artist. He reinvents "Dreams" with a blend of genres including rock, dream pop, synth pop, and lo-fi pop, creating a mellow, dreamy vibe that resonates with themes of parenthood and anticipation. Every element of the track, from the electronic-pop undertones to the alternative pop melodies, is a testament to Friedlander's musical versatility.

Speaking about this new phase of his career, Friedlander reflects, "A lot of the time I spent in bands was a beautiful collaboration between other passionate musicians who pushed and pulled my songs into the arrangements and recordings they became. With this project, my collaborators are the instruments in my home, the microphone, and the view of Manhattan from my window."

So, what's the verdict? "Dreams" is a heartfelt tribute from a soon-to-be father to his unborn child, imbued with the emotions and hopes that come with the journey into parenthood. It's a track that will resonate with many listeners, both for its melodic allure and for its profound personal significance.

Genres: Rock Pop, Dream Pop, Synth Pop, Alternative Pop, Bedroom Pop, Indie Pop, Lo-Fi Pop, Alt Rock

Moods: Nostalgic, Introspective, Dreamy, Mellow, Personal, Reflective

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