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MOLOSSER CRUDE - At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)


At My Feet (Hounds of Hell)

Uråsa, Sweden

MOLOSSER CRUDE are bringing the punch back to rock. Their punk grunge sound is so authentic that it feels like it belongs in a genre all its own. Their latest release, ‘At My Feet (Hounds of Hell) (Live in the Studio),’ is a masterfully rhythmic and dauntingly melodic experience. The guitar riff opens up, breaking through the devilled darkness. The melody is deep within you and is being drawn out by the warm and full guitar tones. The percussion can hold back no longer. Drums splash into the song, sending the guitar riff off around the room in all new waves of colour. The song picks up the velocity and gets going. Off beats, pushes and pulls, dictate the vocal melody that belts from the drummer. It's invigorating, refreshing and so catchy that I don’t think I’ll get it out of my head for weeks.

This rocking post-punk duo are a sight and sound to behold. With their tracks recorded live in one take, and the drummer also taking up the vocalist mantle, it's no surprise that their sound is so visceral and divergent. Rock the way it is meant to be played. Amazing.



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