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MOON AND ARIES take us on a trip around space in new EP




Cologne, Germany






#MOONANDARIES are a duo who live on two sides of the planet. Their new EP #PARADISE consists of 5 fresh new songs which they describe as synth-pop opera. Heavily influenced by electronic synths and ethereal vocals, they have created a unique sound for sure! I decided to get #MOONANDARIES in for a TJPL NEWS interview *BACKSTAGE PASS* style which you can find by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Their ambient sound makes them the perfect soundtrack for your chill playlists and even radio! So, hit play below, and let's go through this project track by track. The 5-track-EP opens with #TakeMeHome and what a gorgeous production this is! The track opens with staccato plucks and slow violins to create something highly cinematic. As the vocals come into the piece we hear the space of the track become completely filled by reverb and atmospheric almost rock-inspired execution. There is a mix of relaxation and the heaviness of rock drum compositions here that create something that will awaken you for sure. This is a highly moving opening piece. #InSilence continues this feel whilst implementing the dreaminess of electronic synths to create a pop feel. This piece feels like something that is heavily influenced by 80s pop with the relaxation of 90s soft rock. #AngelsandDemons is an interesting production that combines percussion shakes with the cinematics of electronic key synths and dark undertones. This track has a slight feel of Kate Bush about it! This seems to be trending again since going viral through Netflix's Stranger things. #Paradise takes an even darker turn to create something that is heavily motivating and encapsulation. This interested me in the way that the production and the title are a complete juxtaposition. We get to hear a very different side to #MoonandAries here in vocal performance and production value. This made a nice change to the project. The EP closes with a track named #Mercury. This piece steers into the experimental implementing trap drum loops with string synths and heavy yet subtle drum kicks. #Mercury is a production that allows you to sit with your own thoughts and allow them to flow. The absence of vocals in this piece speaks a volume in its own right. I loved this closing piece and think that it worked really well to inspire listeners. Now that the project has come to a close, I want to take you backstage to hear from the artists themselves! So, once you've finished streaming the tracks come back and click the link below to get to know more about the duo that is #MOONANDARIES.



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