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Nottingham's New Light Shines with 'Same Situations' - A Nostalgic Journey Through Modern Struggles

New Light - Same Situations - Cover Art
New Light - Same Situations - Cover Art
"Electronica meets the 80s as New Light, the Nottingham-based electronic/pop band, releases 'Same Situations,' a track reflecting on the cyclical nature of life and the impact of social media on youth.

We're entering an era where music sees no boundaries. The world is becoming more accessuble through the digital realm, especially through new music. Somewhere within this realm is Nottingam based four-piece New Light. Back with their latest single, "Same Situations, the group fly through the soundwaves with their electronic dance track, infused with 80s nostalgia. Delving into the repetitive struggles of modern life, particularly the challenges faced by the youth in the age of social media, this release aims to connect the disconnected.

Catchy from the get go, high pitched vocal chops make way for the synth melody before developing into 80s electronic bass wonder. The autotuned vocals offer something extremely unique when combined with the rest of the production. They feel very emo rap but EDM at the same time with an overall 80s synthpop vibe. It's refreshing to hear such a contrast. It's new. It stands out for all the right reasons. It's hypnotic. It's brilliant. If I was to personify this track I'd say it's one of those double take moments when you see someone who catches your eye. It brings you in, makes you want to dance and it's ultimately catchy.

So who are New Light? Consisting of brothers Alex and James, guitarist Matt, and drummer Luca, they have successfully carved a niche within the electronic/pop genre. "Same Situations" is a testament to their ability to blend infectious rhythms and soothing melodies with reflective lyricism. Drawing from the iconic sounds of the 80s, the band captures the essence of an era while addressing contemporary issues.

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The song serves as a mirror to the self-reflective and often tumultuous journey of navigating young adulthood in today's digital landscape. It speaks volumes about the constant search for identity and purpose amidst the endless cycle of social media comparisons and expectations.

With a history of captivating audiences and recognition by platforms such as BBC Introducing in the East Midlands, where they've been awarded 'Track of the Week,' New Light continues to solidify their place in the music scene. "Same Situations" reflects their growth as artists but also underscores their commitment to engaging with universal themes through their music. So, give it a listen, you'll be glad you did! Can't wait to hear more from New Light this year!

Genres: Indie Pop, Dream Pop (Electronic/Pop), Electronic, Electronic Pop, Synth Pop

Mood: Nostalgic, Relaxing, Reflective

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