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NICK NOON - Bring Out The Sunshine - LATEST RELEASE


Bring Out The Sunshine

Nashville, United States

Nick Noon is back to make another appearance over at TJPL NEWS this week with his newly released single 'Bring out the Sunshine'. This Brit Pop, 90s Rock banger lunges the into the bordering sphere of pop with its message-heavy and positive lyricism. Taking influence from an early 70s sound, Nick Noon directs his audience with his philosophical message.

'Bring out the Sunshine' marks the second single from his newly released EP 'A Jejune Affair' which made its way onto streaming platforms on November 25th.

The track beams its light with a cinematic opening of string instrumentation before introducing Nick Noon's distinct vocals and guitar strums. The overall sound of 'Bring out the Sunshine' is similar to Oasis in their early days, this song brings the sensibilities of classic rock and combines them with the feel good message of Flowers in the window by Travis along with an air of The Beatles. Nick Noon is certainly an artist who mixes familiarities with a whirlwind of freshness whilst leaving me smiling my way back into my youth!

If you want to hear a track that is reminiscent of classic British Rock then Nick Noon will blow your mind. Think The Beatles, Travis and Oasis - TAMARA JENNA


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