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The Salvation

Langhorne, PA, United States

When an album starts off upbeat with a clean guitar riff and pure subtle cymbals, I always know it'll be a great one and that’s exactly what happened with Nothing but a nightmare’s latest release ‘The Salvation’. This Langhorne, PA four-piece come together for their third studio album consisting of six explosive tracks. As this genre-fluid band takes us on a journey of our punk youth and the days when fall out boy was overlord! Discussing all the most pivotal things we need the best music for, relationships, loss, pain, school, and overall teenage drama from all of the members' personal and professional experiences, this epic release comes together to deliver a little piece of nostalgia to us all. Filled with pure 2000s pop-punk and emo influence this energetic, sound is packed full of amazing vocals, super engaging and upbeat melodies, and tied together with a nice neat bow of solid production.

Time to get into the good stuff beginning with track one ‘Baggage claim’ which kicks off that previously mentioned upbeat guitar riff, coupled with our first introduction to the gloriously smooth vocals of Eddie Tamanini, but don’t be fooled by the boyish charm, as this track goes on Eddie really shows us his talent with some gorgeous high scream notes that send shivers down your spine. As we enter into a heavy drum and guitar solo the band really does have your attention hook line and sinker.

This takes us into the next track ‘can’t fix stupid’ its slow introduction welcomes us in with a room of mumblings and the distinguishable tapping of glass before a speech ensues. This speech comes with a whole new feel, with the genre of the backing track changing entirely! As the band throws a curve ball and brings us the best of swing, before we head back to the beautiful punk, we all know, love, and were waiting for within each hook. This expertly pieced-together mash-up is a representation of the skill this band has.

As we head into track three and experience another change of genre back into what they’re known best for, to pop-punk beats we are brought back to catchy hooks and exquisite swoon-worthy vocals. ‘I hate you’ is great for those days we just need to let it all out, dancing around the bedroom. With more amazing guitar solos and explosive drums coupled with simply enjoyable and relatable lyrics, this one is certainly one to keep back for THOSE days.

Then we go into ‘Ready to roll’ which is all about the flow of the lyrics and the moulding together of the instruments in perfect harmony. This track starts out setting the scene as though it would be a calmer piece, but boy were we wrong, enter drums and guitar for a great build-up which enters into an explosion of sound!

This is controlled again by the next track ‘Start a fight’ which is certainly a classic 2000s track, which the chord progressions, drum, and keys additions with the jump around the room flow of lyrics. The ad-libs laughter and glorious chants from the band allow us to be able to join in the chaos! Then comes the last track, ‘devils' sidekick’, the final hoorah a lower tone track to see us out, with the specific lyric “your times up and I’m your witness’ which is perfect for the last piece of joy. The keys play such an important role in this one, bringing an almost orchestra feel.

Overall, this is a great release that certainly took me back through the ages, if that’s what you are looking for, which I know all of us millennial ex-emo kids are, this is for you.


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