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Unlock Your Full Creative Potential: NUX Mighty Space Digital Amp Packs a Universe of Features

The Digital Revolution in Amp Technology: An Introduction

The NUX Mighty Space Guitar and Bass amp is an insane all-in-one package that will keep you playing and honing your sound, whenever and wherever you may be. On the surface, the NUX Mighty Space is a digital amp that ranks alongside the many other digital amps on the market. You’ve got your amp modelling software, your collection of effects and dials to fiddle with to complete your perfect tone, and, of course, it being a digital amp makes it fairly rugged and long-lasting with no glass valves to worry about. What sets the NUX Mighty Space apart from the rest is incredibly exciting — it’s packed full of features any guitar or bass head would die for, all included in the box!

No More Cables, Just Pure Connection: The Wireless Magic

For starters, the wireless system. Gone are the days of fiddling with a cable, getting caught in it as you rock out or, if you’re like me, becoming entwined as you spin around in a desk chair, noodling the days away. The NUX Mighty Space comes with a wireless receiver that pairs with the amp and plugs into your axe of choice. Once plugged in and switched on, you’ll never need a cable again! Of course, you can always plug a cable into the amp the old-fashioned way, but it’s pretty hard to get over the cool factor alone. For charging, you simply plug the receiver back into the amp for storage when you’re done and it charges while you’re away!

Loop the Loop: A Built-In Looper that Does More Than Just Repeat

A Powerhouse Anywhere You Go: The Mighty Battery

Also included is the fantastic addition of a loop switch. The looping happens on the amp itself, and the handy dandy app even lets you fiddle with your loops, save them and … get this … even allows you to add drums to the loop from a variety of drum sounds and patterns. The pedal that allows you to do all of this hands-free is included in the box. If you pick this amp up you get almost endless tone preferences, a wireless guitar system, a loop function with accompanying pedal controls, and did I forget to mention you can run this beast off of battery power? Want to make the most of the sunshine? Crack out your amp and get looping on the porch for up to 7 hours off the in-built battery.

On top of sounding fantastic and being feature-rich, this amp comes in at a steal for £349.00 at Andertons and similar prices elsewhere. An absolute bargain for an all-in-one with this much power and this much quality.


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