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Heels Over Head

New York, United States

Credit - Cameron Scoggins

Synth-pop, indie rock, you name it OCCURRENCE have it. The latest release from the trio features the guitar skills of Kip Berman of THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART and THE NATVRAL . The title of this release? ‘Heels Over Head’ - a clever play on the syntax but nevertheless, you’ll fall head over heels for this one.

The release comes from OCCURRENCE’s upcoming double album which is due for release in Spring. Taking a dive into a new proximity, ‘Heels Over Head’ shows a different side to the trio’s lyrical inspirations.

A distorted white noise opens the production before quickly transitioning into a messy yet intriguing electronic indie rock composition. Bordering on twee, the song weaves in and out of choppy synth keys and elements of heavy rock guitar strums. The song also makes use of silence in areas to completely change the direction of the tide. I’ve never heard so many things going on in one track before (and that includes the impact of the silence). This is an original genius – one that is thought-provoking and different.

Let’s play a little game – 1) Click the link below to hear the track, 2) Count all of the genre influences that you can hear – I got 5, you?



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