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Oceanless's Debut Single 'Isolation': A Stirring Fusion of Indie, Grunge, and 90s Nostalgia

When the stalwart sounds of Oceanless’s ‘Isolation’ first hit my ears it took me two seconds flat to fall head over heels in love with it. It's indie at its heart and that’s what we love here, but on top of that, it holds some great 90s vibes. Take the punch of grunge and everything that goes with it like the angst, the scale and the tremendous depth of sound. Add a pinch of modern rock songwriting principles and some Oasis for good measure and you’re almost there. Oceanless have debuted with a sound that is already uniquely theirs and if they keep up this 1/1 streak, there's no telling where they could end up.

The drums smack you and they smack you hard. But that’s what you’re here for so you love it. The guitars and bass swirl together to form a winding smoky backdrop of sound. While the light sets behind it all and the moon shifts into view, the vocals howl the clouds away and bring you to attention. They throw you through the chorus and bound you into that massive bridge. At the end of it all you’re starstruck, even though you only just met them. ‘Isolation’ deserves to be heard. Heralding in the new wave of grunge I salute you, Oceanless. May your sound go on, may your songs prosper and may you get some heads banging. Phew! What a track!



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