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Toronto, Canada

Toronto-based electronic duo Oneo Fakind made a comeback on October 20th with their latest 2-track EP entitled 'Ethereal 4'. The second piece named 'Medicinal' caught my eye and got my mind into all sorts of experimental thinking. Anybody who knows me also knows that I am a massive fan of out-of-the-box thinking, and, that includes all things creative. Through 'Medicinal' Oneo Fakind have broken the mould for experimentalism that remains cohesive and engaging as well as being a piece that defies general the general mould.

'Medicinal' is one of those productions that has the ability to contour itself around the minds of all that hear it, whether that be as part of a soundtrack for a movie, part of a game or on the radio. I urge everyone to give it a spin. - TAMARA JENNA

The piece oozes Avant-garde by embedding elements of Trip-Hop, Synthwave and electronic experimentalism to give the piece its signature cinematic yet relaxing soundscape. I for one will be returning to this production again and again!

Are you curious to hear more from the dynamic duo? Click the link below for a taste! Or better still, check out the full EP by visiting their Spotify catalogue - there's a world of wonder that is waiting to be discovered!



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