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Orca Blends Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop with Indie Rock in Latest Single 'Don't Go'

 Orca - Don't Go single cover art

Orca is a band that blends lo-fi and hip-hop tones and techniques with the construction of indie rock. Their single, ‘Don’t Go,’ is full of indie rock staples. But the texture takes you somewhere else entirely.

Clean, strat-like, guitar covers the lick from the start. It's plucked, a chord from the sound space, it gives us a foundation and soon the instrumental latches on. The beat begins in the back, simple but impactful. The bass is there, rising and falling with the guitar. So far, so indie. But the vocal shifts the strategy. It comes through with that modern rap vibe, auto-tuned and hitting piercing highs. The melody catches up, soon they are dancing in the space, the beat beneath them, calling the shots. ‘Don’t Go’ takes on a vibe of its own. A crossroads where two worlds meet. The music is beautiful and the colours are splendid. Orca have arrived right where they were supposed to.


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