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OSO B3ST showcases his unlimited potential in 'THY B3ST UNNOTICED'




Vallejo, United States


Credit -





#THYB3STUNNOTICED by #OSOB3ST is a 5 track EP that showcases the rap and linguistic wordplay that he has to give. Opening the album is #CameUp a track in collaboration with #Chrome. #Chrome features on every track of the project. #CameUp is a piece that comes in at almost 5 minutes long and packs a punch in energy. A heavy 808 gives a rhythm rather than a bassline to accompany the kick and distant synth elements. Futuristic samples are thrown in for effect along with an Arabian melody. LOVE THIS TRACK! The rap flows are hard and definitely showcase a great start to any project in an impressive first move. #Milestones offers something more soulful and gives off a real old-school hip-hop vibe that showcases a meaningful interpretation of the art's origin. The lyrics are deep in this soulful conscious rap piece. The contrast between the two opening tracks works well in juxtaposition to show two sides to the coin. #T3ndaParty offers yet another side to this artist. Elements of a faster rap execution are prevalent in this piece along with a new addition - autotuned vocals. I like the way that this artist showcases his art, it is done in a way that articulates his skills perfectly without deviating away from his identity. This is something that appears rare in the music industry and was refreshing for me to hear. The production in this track offers futuristic synths that remain at the forefront along with futuristic bass to give a completely different tone to the project. #MakeitSlap offers an uneasier feel that really gets your survival instincts out onto the surface. The main sample here is extremely simple but works well to create the emotion of the track and when combined with the overall rap flow it works. Closing this 5 track EP is #Hitlist. This track has some real heavy basslines within its lines. The lyrics are catchy, clear, and fit in the mix in the right way. There's a little sprinkle of Arabian spice found again here similar to the vibe of the opening track of the project. This is the perfect track to close with as it offers almost a full circle and thus highlights the infinite potential of #OSOB3ST. Overall, this is a project that showcases rap in a versatile way. The lyrics are on point showcasing a variety of conscious hip-hop and more drill-style influences. #OSOB3ST is an artist who has perfected his craft to showcase his versatility and skill set and in collaboration with #Chrome they have created a 10/10 project. One thing I'd love to hear from #OSOB3ST in the future would be more collaboration with other artists, possibly female rappers or vocalists to hear what he can bring to his craft! You can stream #THYB3STUNNOTICED by clicking the like below!



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