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Phunque's 'I Want Your Love (All Nite Long)': A Funky Throwback to the 80s

Promotional image of Phunque
Promotional image of Phunque
Phunque's Latest Single 'I Want Your Love (All Nite Long)': Reviving 80s Funk with a Modern Twist

Berlin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Kute Juergens, the mastermind behind Phunque, is on a mission to captivate music lovers with their latest project 'I Want Your Love (All Nite Long)'. This track, featuring a collaboration with a talented ensemble of musicians and vocalists, offers a groove-filled journey reminiscent of early 80s funk, infused with contemporary flair. A brew that only a few can master but when perfected will knock you out of your seat.

So, what does 'I Want Your Love (All Nite Long)' have to offer? Well, firstly, it's funk through and through and riddled with dance. 'I Want Your Love (All Nite Long) deserves a spot in the Dance Charts Globally. It's catchy before lyrics and it is as catchy as they come when the lyrics do show up.

The vocals are gritty and soulful with a glaze of angelic. They go down a treat. In parts, remeniscient of Dua Lipa's latest electro pop 80s synth influence but with a sound that is also distinctly that of Phunque's own signature blend.

A strong sign of a great song is the ability to capture an audience and create the loss of time - you know what I mean, when you're completely invested in what a song has to offer? When you almost consciously black out from life's troubles, Well, this song is slightly shy of 6 minutes, and I hit repeat as soon as it ended without a second between the two plays. For those two listeners, I became the song. I was no longer a captive of every day life.

Clubs, bars, radio, events, TV, you name it - this will work on any feel good playlist. It's already on my personal vibes playlist - see where it fits in for you!

Phunque's 'I Want Your Love (All Nite Long) in one word? Freedom.

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