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Podge Lane's Winter-Inspired Double A-side: 'Snow / Hailstone'

Capturing Winter's Essence in Alt-Country Tunes

Promotional images of Podge Lane's 'Snow / Hailstone,' featuring the artist
Promotional image of Podge Lane's 'Snow / Hailstone,' featuring the artist

Cork, Ireland's Podge Lane is an artist renowned for his narrative-driven songwriting. Back with his freshest release 'Snow/Hailstone' see him donning his winter garb to present a unique double A-side release via Teip Records.

The first track, 'Snow,' is a heartwarming country ballad, with plucked banjo strings that evoke the simplicity and beauty of watching snowfall. It's a heartwarming laid-back production with lyrics that will capture the soulful nature of winter within all of us. Lane captures the essence of a world paused by winter’s touch, reminiscent of childhood wonder and tranquility. If you're looking for a song to listen to whilst you've got the heating ranked high, in your best PJs on a below-zero night then look no further, give 'Snow' a spin.

Contrasting with the gentle tones of 'Snow,' 'Hailstone' brings forth the jangling, metallic rhythms of the resonator guitar, symbolizing the sudden and disruptive nature of hail. Keeping to the Country twangs, and laid back back nature of the artists, 'Hail' reflects upon the stresses and unpredictability of winter, whilst resonating with the experiences of those who have grown to see the harsher side of the season.

Cover image of Podge Lane's 'Snow / Hailstone'
Cover image of Podge Lane's 'Snow / Hailstone'

Lane's intention with these tracks is to explore both the joy and stress brought by winter. 'Snow' and 'Hailstone' are distinct yet complementary, each representing a different aspect of the colder months. His lyrical prowess shines in portraying these seasonal dynamics.

So, what's the verdict? 'Snow / Hailstone' by Podge Lane is A Winter Tale in Two Songs, offering a narrative journey through the highs and lows of winter. These two songs will resonate with listeners who have felt both the serene beauty and the abrupt chaos that the season can bring. Another superb release from Podge Lane.

Genres: Alt-Country, Country Balladry, Folk

Moods: Reflective, Nostalgic, Heartwarming, Rhythmic

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