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Behind the Curtains with Project 1268: Exclusive Backstage Pass Insights

Project 1268, formed from a heartfelt reunion after years apart, exemplifies the fusion of deep friendship and creative synergy. Their music, a unique blend of soul, folksy songwriting, and 90s beats, is heavily influenced by the rich sounds of the 60s to 80s. Renowned for their humour-infused approach, they gained acclaim with their holiday hit "Ugly Sweater," a playful nod to festive traditions. The band has made notable appearances on local TV and is anticipating a feature in Billboard magazine. With plans for performances and EP releases in 2024, Project 1268 continues to enchant audiences with their retro-infused melodies and relatable lyrics.


Formation of Project 1268: How did your reunion after many years lead to the formation of Project 1268, and how has your friendship influenced your music?

Our close bond has encouraged an amazing amount of creativity. Between catching up on the years spent apart, sharing current adventures, and having goals for our future, it is an almost endless source of inspiration.

Inspiration Behind 'Ugly Sweater': What inspired the concept of "Ugly Sweater," and how does it reflect your approach to holiday music?

We like to take partially comedic looks at a lot of our music, and the ugly sweater phenomenon was perfect

Musical Influences: How do your diverse musical influences from the 60s to 80s shape the sound of Project 1268? We tend to have a strange combo of soul, folksy songwriting, and frequently a 90's style beat

Notable Performances and Features: Can you share your experiences with notable gigs, television features, and your upcoming interview in Billboard magazine?

We have had a lot of fun on local TV and applying for music festivals in 2024. The Billboard magazine exposure is still in the works...

Public Relations Strategy: With the hiring of a West Coast PR firm, what are your promotional plans for 2024, and how do you aim to expand your reach?

We are very excited about some possible performances in California, plus some opportunities to write AND work on a series of EPs we plan on releasing.

Recording Process of 'Ugly Sweater': Can you describe the recording process for "Ugly Sweater" and your collaboration with Chris Collins, Cherise Carver, and other musicians?

We have done recording sessions in an old-school style of LIVE PERFORMANCE, which you can catch on our YouTube channel, but Ugly Sweater used the best of modern technology - we caught our friend Aaron, who is a Nashville session player to do our bass parts, a guitarist friend from a local music conservatory, and the two of us did keys, sax, vocals, then we sent it to Chris and Cherise at Crimson Road studios who did the drum parts, mixed, mastered, etc. It's amazing what collaborations are possible.

Ethos and Style of 'Ugly Sweater': How does "Ugly Sweater" incorporate office politics and family-time themes with a humorous undertone?

You said it...Have to make it through the holiday season with all the rush and pressure, so might as well do it with style...we are the best-looking ugly sweater wearing people you will ever see.

Creative Process for Holiday Music: What is your creative process when writing and arranging holiday music, and how do you keep it fresh and engaging?

Any music needs to be written from a perspective of personal experience. Turns out most personal experiences are shared by most people, so we pick a topic and write OUR take on it, and has really seemed to resonate with people.

Fan Engagement with Ugly Sweaters: How do you plan to engage with your fans through social media with your custom-made ugly sweaters?

Hahaha, noooo.... we have some great photos of us on youtube and facebook, but we are not engaging in the fashion industry. Not yet, anyway.

Future Musical Direction: Following "Ugly Sweater," what direction do you see Project 1268 taking in terms of musical style and themes?

We have an astonishing number of songs we are looking to record and perform in 2024. We have a series of EPs with different topics planned. Our style is really starting to gel a little more as we stick with that retro soul sound.

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