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PROKLAIM's 'Bad Ting': The Summer Anthem Fusing Hip-Hop with Afrobeat Vibes!

Artwork for PROKLAIM's 'Bad Ting'
Artwork for PROKLAIM's 'Bad Ting'

Catch the Wave of 'Bad Ting' – A Track Celebrating Life and Purpose with a Global Beat.

PROKLAIM, we're here again! This enigmatic solo artist known for his thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive sound, is making waves once again with his latest single, "Bad Ting". Released on March 1st, 2024, this track stands out as a feel-good summer anthem, blending the raw energy of hip-hop with the vibrant rhythms of West African afro beats. With influences ranging from hip-hop legends like Biggie, Nas, and Lauryn Hill to the iconic Jay Z and Wu-Tang Clan, PROKLAIM brings all levels of Hip-Hop heritage to his work.

This time around, PROKLAIM brings a layered vocal in the hook and speedier-than-ever rap verses. His artistry knows its direction, he knows his vision and he knows the message that he's sending out to the world. With motivational and uplifting lyrics, PROKLAIM is the king of conscious lyrics in the underground music scene. He takes his ideas, puts pen to paper and sets fire to the production. I can't see anything less than big things for PROKLAIM. He deserves it. His sound, mixing hip-hop with afro beats brings a fresh perspective on pop status-worthy sounds.

"Bad Ting" was crafted in the creative confines of Pen Pushaz Studio and received its final polish at Audio Art Namibia, ensuring every beat and lyric delivers maximum impact. The song's genesis, driven by the upbeat energy of the instrumental, showcases PROKLAIM's spontaneous creativity and lyrical finesse. It's a celebration of life, purpose, and the unstoppable force of music, encapsulating the artist's ethos of seizing the day and living to the fullest.

PROKLAIM, no stranger to the spotlight, has graced screens on MTV Base with his "Kingz" video, proving his music resonates on both a national and international stage. Beyond his dynamic performances, he shares a personal connection with his craft, finding songwriting to be an endorphin rush, a process of discovery and expression that fuels his creative journey.

Reflecting on his journey and the essence of "Bad Ting", PROKLAIM shares, "Everything I ever wanted and then got was never quite as 'hot' as I thought." This introspective viewpoint adds layers to the track, inviting listeners to dive deeper into the message behind the melody.

Be part of the musical revolution that is PROKLAIM's legacy. Stream "Bad Ting" now and let the rhythm of life and purpose inspire you to dance, dream, and discover more from his sound!

Genres: Hip-Hop, Political Hip-Hop, US Rap, Caribbean, Southern Africa

Mood: Euphoric, Celebratory, Inspirational, Vibrant

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