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The Music World's best kept secret - PROKLAIM Elevates Hip-Hop with Raw Expression in New Single 'SCARS' from Windhoek, Namibia

Namibian hip-hop artist PROKLAIM returns with 'SCARS,' a track that dives deep into the essence of raw and unfiltered expression, challenging the norms of today's hip-hop landscape.

Namibian artist PROKLAIM steps forward with his latest single 'SCARS,' released on January 8, 2023. This track is a bold declaration of unbridled expression, reflecting a journey that is both personal and universal. PROKLAIM, known for his thoughtful lyricism and versatile flow, taps into the roots of hip-hop, invoking the spirits of genre legends like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and Nas to bring a message of resilience and self-awareness.

PROKLAIM can be found far and wide throughout our posts here at TJPL News. Familiar with his work, I know that I'm justified in saying that THIS is another absolute gem from this artist. Showing yet another side to his artistry, PROKLAIM opens 'SCARS' with a whole new outlook - dark vocal chops. I'm here for it! Again, PROKLAIM spits some seriously high tempo rap over beats. With flows even faster than before, I feel that PROKLAIM has reached legendary status at this point. Skills like PROKLAIM's are extroadinarily rare. Kendrick Lamar enegy in flow but with a whole lift in chorus. I feel that PROKLAIM is the music world's best kept secret. Get him heard already!

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PROKLAIM stands alone in his musical journey, pouring his soul over beats that resonate with the golden era of hip-hop. With 'SCARS,' he invites listeners into a conversation between a man and his source of conscience, exploring themes of transparency and the quest for freedom in expression.

Drawing from a diverse pool of influences, PROKLAIM's music is a testament to the power of hip-hop as a medium for profound storytelling. From the revolutionary messages of Bob Marley to the introspective tales of Jay Z, 'SCARS' embodies the essence of these musical giants, offering a fresh perspective on the struggles and triumphs of the human experience.

Recorded at PEN PUSHAZ STUDIOS and finely tuned at AUDIO ART NAMIBIA, 'SCARS' is a product of meticulous craftsmanship. The track stands as a force of pure expression, achieved through PROKLAIM's dedication to delivering messages from the subconscious, wrapped in a beat that demands attention.

Beyond the rhythm and rhymes, 'SCARS' is a call to seize the day ('Carpe Diem'), reminding us of the importance of valuing our self-worth over the opinions of others. PROKLAIM's journey ignites change and inspires listeners to embrace their authentic selves.

Genres: EMO Rap, Hip-Hop, Political Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap (Rap/Hip hop)

US Rap

Mood: Reflective, Empowering, Introspective, Soulful, Authentic

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