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Proklaim Revolutionizes Hip Hop with 'PERMISSION': A Fusion Frenzy of Afrobeat and Amapiano!

Proklaim "Permission" Promo Artwork
Proklaim "Permission" Promo Artwork

In a Bold Leap, Proklaim Mixes Genres to Craft an Infectiously Rhythmic Masterpiece – 'PERMISSION' Breaks Boundaries and Redefines Rap!

First thing I have to say is YES PROKLAIM! Ok, back down to earth. Let's get into this. In his latest single "PERMISSION", Proklaim, a Southern Africa-based solo artist, demonstrates a bold and innovative approach to hip hop. This track is a standout piece in his project, where he daringly fuses Afro beats with Amapiano to chart new territories in the rap genre.

Drawing inspiration from hip hop greats like Nas, Jay Z, Tupac, and Lauryn Hill, Proklaim brings a depth of lyrical and musical understanding to his work. "PERMISSION" is a brilliant reflection of these influences, yet it stands unique in its execution. The way Proklaim weaves these diverse elements together showcases not just his respect for the genre's roots but also his ambition to redefine them - not to mention it has flavour!

"PERMISSION" is characterized by its groundbreaking fusion of Afro beats and Amapiano. This combination brings a fresh and rhythmic taste to the track, making it both culturally rich and globally appealing. The beats are engaging, the rhythms infectious, and the overall production quality is top-notch, courtesy of Audio Art Namibia.

The second I hear Proklaim spit bars something lights up inside of me, it's uplifting, fun, energetic, skilful and just altogether something that hits the target.

One of the most striking aspects of "PERMISSION" is the spontaneity in its creation. Proklaim's process of writing and recording all verses during the recording session infuses the track with an organic and vibrant energy. This approach not only highlights his creative agility but also adds an element of raw authenticity to the music.

"PERMISSION" like Proklaim's releases before is a statement. His vision to push his boundaries as well as that of hip-hop is commendable. His quote, "Very few people remain true to the yearnings for purpose inside them," resonates profoundly through this track, making it not only a musical journey but also an introspective one.

For those seeking innovation in hip hop, Proklaim's "PERMISSION" is a must-listen. It's a track that showcases a dedication to evolving the genre of hip-hop whilst staying true to the best parts of its origin.

Genres: Afrobeat, Amapiano, Alternative Hip Hop, Rap, Political Hip Hop, Trap (Rap/Hip hop)

Moods: Innovative, Rhythmic, Fresh, Culturally Rich, Energetic, Authentic, Progressive

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