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Pronto Valid's '08 CIVIC: A Soulful Journey Through Self-Discovery and Growth in Chicago's Hip-Hop

From the lively streets of Chicago emerges a voice brimming with authenticity and innovation. Pronto Valid, an up-and-coming rapper, has unveiled his latest alternative hip-hop offering, '08 CIVIC. Far from a superficial beat, this track plunges into the depths of self-reflection and identity, painting an evocative portrait of growth from childhood to early adulthood.

Do not be misled by the title; '08 CIVIC is not a song about a car. Rather, it's a metaphorical vehicle driving through the artist's current world view, filled with subtle hints and revelations about his background and upbringing. The title evokes a sense of nostalgia, perhaps a nod to an era or a phase in life, effectively drawing listeners into Pronto's personal journey.

The beat is as smooth as it is arresting, a soft choral background that harmonizes beautifully with Pronto's heavy lyricism. It's a "chill" or "relaxing" track but filled with intensity and substance. It speaks to those who love hip-hop with a message, as well as to those who crave tunes to unwind to.

What sets '08 CIVIC apart is the careful balance between the deeply personal and the universally relatable. Lyrics like "Grandmama died a month before I was born, Sometimes I feel like she's part of me or, She watches over me just to be sure one day I'll make history plotting the course" resonate with a raw honesty that transcends individual experience.

The hook is effortlessly catchy, blending a laid-back vibe with genuine sentiment. "I took a break now I'm back, Thought it was making me stronger, Now I'm just breaking my back, Got me asking how much longer, Dealing with this and with that, Now I understand my father, can't take a victory lap, gotta go back to the lab..." These lines encapsulate struggle, understanding, and a relentless drive, echoing Pronto's essence as an artist.

Every verse is a different hue, colouring the song with varying shades of emotion. From the struggles of childhood to the challenges of adulthood, Pronto's lyrics paint a vivid picture that sticks in the listener's mind, inviting reflection and empathy.

Building on his 'MIDNITE FLOWERS' EP, Pronto Valid proves that he's an artist with a strong vision and a unique voice. '08 CIVIC is a testament to his skill as a lyricist and his ability to craft a song that's both an introspective exploration and a captivating story.

Look out for the music video for this track, and expect more from Pronto Valid as he continues to push boundaries in hip-hop. '08 CIVIC is a refreshing departure from the mainstream, a thought-provoking anthem that has the potential to define a generation. It's a flavour that's distinctly Pronto's, and it's one that's likely to leave listeners craving more.



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