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RAYNALD GRENIER - Symphony No. 1 In D Minor - REVIEW



RAYNALD GRENIER - Symphony No. 1 In D Minor

Québec City, Canada

Raynald Grenier is an artist and composer who began his musical career in the 1980s. During this time he was an accompanying pianist and conductor for a multitude of musical groups throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. After this, he decided to take a step away from the stage and into the realm of musical creation and composition and put his musical creations into the arts of ballet, opera, and symphonies. To date, Raynald Grenier has released six albums. His latest project “Symphony No. 1 in D Minor” consists of 3 beautifully crafted classical instrumentals that one cannot help but become fully consumed in. Influenced by the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, and Mahler, this promises to be a project that will resonate with many artists and lovers of art alike.

Opening this project is a piece entitled "1st Movement: In Nomine Patris". This opening composition provides a mix of dramatic and somewhat sultry melodies through the use of thrashing crescendos, slow strings, and mellow key chops. This piece holds both a fairytale and a nightmare within its lines through the contrasting tempos, pitches, and Decrescendos. This is a piece that has the makings of a true musical talent. It is clear to the listener that this is a composer who has worked many hours over many years to perfect his craft. The project has not only been put together by the artist, himself, conductor Gilles Léveillé worked with the 'Global Studio Philharmonic Orchestra' to bring this beautiful composition to fruition. "1st Movement: In Nomine Patris" is truly a spectacular piece.

"2nd Movement: Et Filii" transitions flawlessly offering the listeners both familiarity and variation. This is a piece that is destined to be heard by many through stage and cinema. One thing that I enjoy about this composition is the dreamlike state that I find myself in when listening to it. We listen to music to either escape from the world or to feel understood within it and this piece does both for me. As a listener, you can't help but sit with the story of the piece, read the lines, and surrender to its tune. This piece made a mark on my soul and so I had to add it to the "Tamara Jenna's Top Picks" playlist.

The project concludes with "3rd Movement: Et Spiritus Sancti", a beautifully crafted fairytale. This piece is highly seductive and calming in the way that has been composed and mixed. There's a passion within this piece that is extremely charming. There are urgent sounds that imitate marching but equally, there are sprinkles of keys that add a feel of magic and fairy dust to the production too. This is a great composition. The urgency in the crescendos is intense and the sprinkles of magic are calm. I love how the composer and the team of musicians have portrayed the sound here.

This is a great project with nothing but pure talent between the lines and the musicians that have brought this to life. I 100% recommend having a listen! Raynald Grenier is currently composing the music for his seventh album so make sure that you keep an eye out for that too!



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