Dance Dance Dance


Rebel Camp is a collaboration of creative independent musicians from across the globe, working together over the internet with their shared passion for music, how impressive is that?! Music composer and songwriter, Dare, oversees all the collaborations and has the responsibility of arranging the artist’s line-up for each track! This I find brilliantly mind-blowing and inspiring to so many aspiring artists! ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is the latest release from Rebel Camp and it is the creation of talents merging from New York, Miami, Atlanta, Lagos and London! As soon as the song starts, you immediately feel the 90’s Dance Disco vibes! The track begins ever so smoothly and quite sensual with an elegant but groovy bass and high-pitched synth notes, creating an inspiring sound to swiftly dance with your hips, before the speedy upbeat drums and Electro-Pop features come along to join the party with a Latin feel. The vocals are happy, and uplifting, and have an innocent tone yet a sophisticated sassy style, with the harmonies ultimately gorgeous! The song title I feel is perfectly named as when you’re listening along all you want to do is “Dance, Dance, Dance” and it’s irresistible not to!