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Rebel Rhythms: Atari Pilot's 'Train Of Life' Fuses Anthemic Rock Spirit with Modern Energy

Atari Pilot’s latest release, ‘Train Of Life,’ is an upbeat and punchy single that blurs classic anthem rock into the new day. The track has a raw feel, like it’s coming from the heart, being played from the soul. The riff opens us up, harsh and full. It takes the song down a winding road where we can explore all of its possible melodies. The beat picks up, the bass falls in. Soon the vocal stands at the head of it all. The song shifts, the muddy classic rock tones tighten up and the sound comes into focus. The vocal holds the power but only unleashes it for that belter of a chorus making it even more tantalising. The light gets brighter — you can’t help but stare.

‘Train Of Life’ takes a modern kick at past tones. The textures rule the show and the instrumental is wild and free. Atari Pilot gives you a sense of rebellion, a sense of freedom lives in their music. You listen to it and you feel as if you could do anything. A thrilling track, full of brilliant ideas and one hell of a bridge.



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