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RED SKIES MOURNING releases debut album!




Baltimore, United States





Just last week I managed to grab #RedSkiesMourning for an interview but now we're back to review his debut album of the same name! #RedSkiesMourning (The project) is an 8 track fusion of electronic bliss. Flawlessly transitioning between the genres of Electro, Pop and alternative R&B in places, this project has a lot to showcase! The opening track entitled #DeepMoonlight has beautifully crafted melodic bell synths before blossoming quickly into the perfect pop production. There's a real mix of genres here that shine through to capture the listeners' attention. I can't imagine a stronger opening. There's a real mix of pop, R&B and even a rock influence here. #Dreamweaver begins with a dark trap soul vibe before completely switching into a pop/funk/R&B vibe. I could listen to this piece for hours (and more than likely will) There's a feel of #Khalid about this dreamy piece - it reminds me of #OuttaMyHead amongst other pieces. GREAT WORK! #Paralyzed2.0 - well what can I say here! This album goes from incredible to infinite masterpiece with each track that goes by. I love the Spanish guitar influence here and the way that the dark elements bring rock and pop into the mainstream. This is just amazing. This piece speaks to me by the bucketload. #LostWithoutYou brings something different in a production that is primary rooted in rock. I love this twist of events, the listener can hear the influence making its way into the project before its peak. #SandsOfTime has a clockwork feel about its melody that aptly matches the title of the piece. The bass is groovy and the vocals are infectious. This is another piece that has a certain dreampop/R&B #Khalid in production. The vocal tone are soulful rock. I'm fully in love with this song. #WhereYouBeen has a sense of urgency in its production. It feels like a metaphysical astral projection - something that is reflective in the cover art of this album. This is hands down my favorite piece on this album by far. Mixing darkness with pop is something I'm 100% captured by every single time it presents itself to me. The piece is perfectly mixed, the lyrics hit your soul and the beats and melody offer something electronic - no, literally. #InTheMoment has a feel of #HarryStyles about it in every sense of the production. This is one talented artist here! I'm infatuated with the drums in this piece and the soulful vocals. The lyrics are highly relatable too! Concluding the album is a piece called #SummerShines - another #HarryStyles style production. That's DOUBLE STYLE. I cannot believe that this is the debut album from #RedSkiesMourning, he is 100% One 2 Watch. This album will certainly be one that I direct to repeatedly this summer. Click the link below to hear the album now and don't forget to head over to INTRODUCING - *RED SKIES MOURNING* ( to catch our interview!



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