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Redefining Indie Rock: 'Echo' by Conflict Hope – A Dynamic Debut Merging Sweet Harmony

Conflict Hope have nailed that new rock sound that merges heavy and sweet with their debut single, ‘Echo.’ The fluffy chord changes are somehow heavy, the bass and guitars working together to create this wall of tone. The drums box it in, cap it off, only unleashing the full fury in the chorus when it can hit with maximum impact. It’s rock you can get behind, dance to if you want to or just move those shoulders and bang that head. Think of the Foo’s with some shine, some vibrancy in the highs. The vocals are clean, hopeful, and full of fantastic textures and variations of melody. A line never comes at you the same way, the chorus is full of new ideas and the verses open you up to a wider world of rocking possibilities.

When ‘Echo’ first began I fell into the harmony of it all. The depth of the guitar, how it swirled and changed colour as it did so. This song is a slow-moving silent hurricane. You see the power, you sense the change, but you are not scared, you accept your fate and you are happy for it. Conflict Hope have taken indie rock and levelled it up. There's a new powerhouse on the block and they are going places. Try to keep up. Insanely good.



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