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Reviving the Grunge Era: VELOUR FOG's 'Black Babylon' Unleashes a Potent Roar of Authentic 90s Rock

I hope you like 90s grunge as much as I do because VELOUR FOG have taken that sound into their own. Their latest single, ‘Black Babylon,’ is a fantastic look into that old world of not-forgotten-rock. It has the bite right away, you feel it in the bark of the song, and as it peels back we can see the heart of it all. It rears like Alice, it fights like Pilots and it crashes down into the depths of the bridge like Nirvana. It’s great to hear new grunge finally coming out of the woodwork and into the real world. What’s even better is when it’s absolutely fantastic.

‘Black Babylon’ know this sound so well and it suits them down to a T. The fire in the gut of the bass, the scream in the guitar and the sheer amount of grit in the vox. It’s a splendid display of rock and roll greatness. VELOUR FOG hasn’t just been inspired by this sound, they have made it their own and they are doing it in fantastic form. There’s fire, there’s ice, and there’s a puddle of purple mud. It’s a fascinating and inviting heavy world to revisit, and I recommend everyone jump in head first. Great rock, great soul. Great music.


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