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RICH CHAMBERS - It's Christmas Time (All Over The World) - A TJPL CHRISTMAS


It's Christmas Time (All Over The World)

Vancouver, Canada

With classic songs blaring from shops, street speakers and your own car stereo this month, why not check out a modern-day classic in the making. Rich Chambers’, ‘It’s Christmas Time All Over the World’ is a pop-rock tune that takes everything that the classics have to offer and builds on them using modern pop stylings and instrumentals. It's new and fresh and is sure to liven up that holiday playlist by adding a hint of rock and catching the ear with a new melody.

We’ve all been listening to the same songs for years and it's not often a quality contender makes its way onto the scene and holds its ground. ‘It’s Christmas Time All Over the World’ graced the world 2 years ago and has been growing in popularity ever since. Its jovial melody, upbeat vibe and crunchy guitars make it a surefire contender for a new Christmas favourite. It sings about Christmas and how special the time of year can be, how important it is to include everyone and how magical it feels when everyone comes together with good vibes and great tunes. Rich Chambers' track still feels fresh today and it's definitely worth checking out if you’re curating a playlist and are stuck for any new, quality tracks to add to the festive mix.

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