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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Nikka Dimroci

London-based multi-talent Richard Green has impressed me with his release entitled ‘Astronaut’. From its electro/house vibes to the sheer versatility of the artist as a whole. Showcasing his true artistic liberty, Green has worked as a composer on a neo-classical composition, a songwriter and as an electro/dance piece. It is extremely rare that I find gems like Green which is why I have to introduce you to his work today.

Through the creation of ‘Astronaut’, Green has taken influence from the likes of Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers to piece together his vision. Now, those of you who are familiar with the named artists will know that this suggests electro-funk.

So, what’s the concept of the piece?

‘Astronaut’ was conceived as an idea whilst the artist was watching a series. The imagery within his mind began highlighting the concept of someone who wanted to exceed his own limits, leading to the concept of an astronaut who wants to reach space and beyond.

80s synth comes to mind immediately as classic 80s synths bring a simple yet effective melody which listeners will become infatuated with.

Now, although there are all of the classic elements of electro dance within this piece from synth melodies, hi-hats and techno sample chops, there is one key instrument that makes this track stand out as completely unique – The acoustic violin. Not only does this twist bring a similar feel to ‘Galvanize’ by The Chemical Brothers but it also merges the world of 80s nostalgia with the classical to create something very modern and contemporary.

This is a special type of artistic vision which combines the old with the new and the electro with the acoustic...and, guess what... it works wonders! - TAMARA JENNA


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