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Ripsime's Debut EP "Capsule I: Wicked & Wise" - A Fusion of Electronic Pop and Personal Journey

Promotional image of Ripsime, a British-Armenian alt-pop artist
Promotional image of Ripsime, a British-Armenian alt-pop artist
Ripsime's Emotional and Sonic Odyssey in "Capsule I: Wicked & Wise"

Ripsime, a British-Armenian independent alt-pop songwriter, producer, and artist, is rapidly emerging as a captivating force in the music industry. Her unique blend of electronic pop and heartfelt storytelling has garnered attention, showcasing her ability to span continents both musically and emotionally.

Her debut EP, 'Capsule I: Wicked and Wise,' is a profound expression of her personal experiences, particularly the impact of war in Armenia. Recorded amidst the backdrop of historical and personal turmoil, this EP reflects her journey through love, acceptance, and creative freedom.

The lead single, 'Wicked & Wise,' stands out as a dark and brooding electronic pop masterpiece. Reminiscent of Elder Island and Kate Bush, the track showcases Ripsime's ability to blend cutting-edge elements with an emotional depth. Her vocals, set against a backdrop of driving beats, synths, and guitars, offer a sonic journey that mirrors her experiences of being torn between different worlds.

If we were to compare the sound of Ripsime's Capsule 1: Wicked & Wise I would say there's an air of London within the vocals - through her distinct accent. London alt pop = Ripsime. Creative, the project embeds elements of world music with the mix of Electronic Underground. There's also a Doja Cat influence with talks of demons and an obscure vocal likeliness to "F The Girls" in "Daemons".

Promotional image of Ripsime, a British-Armenian alt-pop artist,
Promotional image of Ripsime, a British-Armenian alt-pop artist,

Ripsime's musical journey has been one of constant evolution and collaboration. Under the mentorship of Chino Maurice in LA, she refined her production and songwriting skills. Her return to London saw her team up with Luke Turner and Geoffrey Austin, leading to a series of successful singles and a growing presence in the London music scene.

With 'Capsule I: Wicked & Wise,' Ripsime has made a significant impact on the alt-pop landscape. Her ability to weave personal narratives with innovative electronic sounds establishes her as a formidable artist with a voice that resonates with listeners worldwide.

I absolutely love the work of Ripsime! She's Uniquely free and oozes more confidence in her artistry with every release. For that reason, along with the genuine commitment to her craft, Ripsime has made our Ones2Watch!

Genres:Electronic Pop, Alternative Pop, Experimental Pop

Moods: Dark,Brooding, Evocative, Reflective, Innovative

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